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What to Wear: Spring 2013

Spring is here! And this weekend was proof of the “in” colors & styles (you’ll see what I’m talking about in upcoming photo session posts). This season is full of pastels, bold florals, day shine, embellished flat sandals, fresh-picked dresses, unexpected prints, mirrored metallics, sporty-chic, and statement jackets.  Here is some inspiration for your upcoming photo sessions.

Christina Z Photography | What to Wear SpringChristina Z Photography | What to Wear Spring

If you’d like more tips on what to wear for your next photo session check this out… What Should I Wear?

Enjoy! xo

Christina Z Photography

What Should I Wear? | Christina Z Photography

What should I wear? I get this question so often. And I welcome it with open arms. Since you are already paying to have your photos taken, you should do it up right and look your stinkin’ best! Go out and buy a new outfit, get your hair and nails done, pamper yourself. You’ve already made the investment and you will be much happier with your photos if you are looking your prettiest.

Couples Photography | © Christina Z Photography

The most important piece of advice is to mix – not match. Coordinate and complement but don’t be too matchy-matchy. Choose one person to wear a pattern then have the rest of the family wear complementing solid colors. Try one color pop coordinating between family members with neutral or softer tones.

What to Wear Tips | © Christina Z Photography

Don’t forget the accessories! Hair pretties, jewelry, hats, scarves, jackets, etc. They really complete the look. Although, don’t let them take over. Find a happy medium. They can also assist in giving multiple looks throughout the session.

What to Wear Tips | © Christina Z Photography

Remember that all the details of what you are wearing will be photographed. This means what’s on your feet too. So don’t walk out the door with your old sneakers on. Unless they are some unique converse or something that completes your style. Especially for children, put some fun boots or cute flats on.

Couples | © Christina Z Photography

Why are you getting these photos anyways? Weather it be for your family holiday card or to get a big canvas for the empty wall in the living room, don’t forget the purpose for these photos and let that come through in your style choices. If your photos are to be displayed in your home, let your outfit choices compliment the colors in your decor.

What to Wear Tips | © Christina Z Photography

The DON’T list

  • Avoid logos, labels, graphics, etc. They tend to be distracting and “cheapen” your professional photos.
  • Schedule your trip to the salon a week or more before your photo session, this will ensure a more natural look.
  • Don’t have everyone wearing the same color, it’s boring and dated. Those old khaki or denim with white shirt photos are out.
  • No dirty sneakers.
  • Remove hair ties, watches, and other accessories that don’t complete the look.

For more examples, tips, and resources check out Paint the Moon’s Tips, Styling Tricks, & Where-to-Shop Guide.

Christina Z Photography

Christina Z Photography What to Wear

What to Wear: Valentine’s Day

I’m so excited about Valentine’s Day! I have Valentine Sessions coming up, and wanted to share some ideas on what to wear!

Christina Z Photography What to WearChristina Z Photography What to Wear

Hope this is helpful! Enjoy!

Christina Z Photography