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4th of July Mini Session | © Christina Z Photography - Bradenton Florida

4th of July Mini Session Event | Christina Z Photography – Bradenton Florida

Happy 4th of July! I hope you are enjoying your day. Take a peek at my 4th of July Minis from a few weeks ago. It’s sure to get you in the spirit! Continue reading

4th of July Mini Session Event | Christina Z Photography

4th of July Mini Session Event | Orlando Children and Family Photographer – Christina Z Photography

I know it’s hard to believe we are already this far into the year… but The 4th of July is right around the corner and it is time to book your photo session. Come dressed to celebrate or just to update those family photos.

4th of July Mini Session Event  | Christina Z Photography

The Fine Print:

  • Advanced payment is required via Paypal to reserve your mini session.
  • Up to 4 people per mini session. (additional $10 per extra person OR book 2 minis)
  • MINIMUM of 3 booking for Bradenton Location. (Payment will be refunded if minimum is not reached by 6/5/13.)
  • You do not have to use the themed props, you may utilize this opportunity to update your family photos.

To book your mini fill out the form below.

Gender Reveal / Military Homecoming | © Christina Z Photography

Why don’t you have any kids yet?| ASHLEIGH & BILLY’S STORY

It was a very special moment for a really good friend of mine to have her husband come home from a long and emotional deployment. Ashleigh and Billy were reunited, but it gets sweeter. To put the icing on the cake, Ashleigh revealed the gender of her baby to her husband once he arrived. Everyone was waiting to find out, and as they say “the tankers curse lives on,” it is a girl! I am so excited that my baby girl will have a sweet bff this summer!

Gender Reveal / Military Homecoming | © Christina Z Photography
Gender Reveal / Military Homecoming | © Christina Z Photography
Gender Reveal / Military Homecoming | © Christina Z Photography

Ashleigh is such a good friend to me. When I was pregnant she offered to throw a baby shower for me, but instead I asked her to travel with me to my out of town showers. Without hesitation, she was ready to road trip! During our 2 weeks of traveling there was an abundance of pregnancy and baby talk. I witnessed on several different occasions complete strangers, to Ashleigh, ask the dreaded question, “Why don’t you have any kids yet?” I’d cringe every time, knowing my friend’s journey. Luckily, my witting friend would kindly educate them. Knowing what Ashleigh and Billy have been through to conceive made me skew my own words during my pregnancy, because you just don’t know the struggles someone may be going through. I asked Ashleigh if she would be interested in sharing her story, I knew the answer already, she was eager to educate. Enjoy her story and please when asking someone, “Do you have any kids?” If the answer is “no,” stop there.

Christina Z Photography

Gender Reveal / Military Homecoming | © Christina Z Photography
Gender Reveal / Military Homecoming | © Christina Z Photography

At least 7 of you who read this and are in a relationship will never experience the journey my husband and I shared for the past 2 years. For the first 7 years of our relationship we tried our hardest to prevent pregnancy, and for the past 2 we have done things many wouldn’t dream of having to go through to conceive. 1 in 8 couples suffer infertility. These past 2 years have provided real lessons to the way in which we live our lives and our speech. I hope that our story provides you a different set of glasses to help you look at life much differently, if you will. I hope what you take besides shock from our story, is the ability find the joy in your life experiences, even if that experience seems more negative than positive. Our unfortunate events in this journey have provided many things, but the most revealing has been humility and the ability to laugh even when we want to cry.

If my husband hasn’t left me yet, it’s pretty unlikely he never will. I’d like to think for the past 2 years I haven’t really been myself. This idea was confirmed when after a year of trying to conceive, we finally revealed to our family what we were up against. It was in this moment my family confirmed my suspicions, I was so moody and they couldn’t understand what my malfunction was. Fertility drugs were my malfunction. Then add in the emotions and side-effects that come along with infertility and its crew of drugs, and I was a 20 car pile-up. My life consisted of calendars, peeing on sticks, taking medications, some of which came in the form of shots to give myself, and avoiding ignorant people. People wondered why I didn’t have a job, my answer for you now, infertility is a job. It consumes your entire life! In one week, I put 800 miles on my car driving to doctors to be poked and prodded by every tool imaginable, by strangers who have the title doctor. When we tell people what our malfunction was during the conceiving process, they feel sorry for my husband. I’m sure it’s a hard pill to swallow that your swimmers don’t move, but he has pretty much skated through this entire process without tools shoved up his privates by strangers. Here’s a funny story, yes I am able to laugh and so is he. The most medically invasive part of his process in this came from him having to make love to a cup. Big deal! But to him, this was a HUGE deal!  As he was having his first moment making love to a cup the only thing I could do is laugh hysterically, internally, while I waited for him in the car. Ever hear that Usher song, “I want to make love in this club?” I finagled it a bit, “I want to make love in this cup!” I laughed myself stupid. When you enter into a relationship, I’m sure the possibility of these real life moments never cross your mind. I never in our 9 years imagined we were the 1 in 8 couples who are faced with infertility. But here we are!

34 pregnancy tests, 100’s of ovulation tests, 2 sperm analysis, 5-6 cycles of fertility medications,  1 round of IUI, 6 vials of frozen sperm, 1 round of IVF with injectable medications, 1 HSG,  2 transferred embryos, thousands of miles traveled, $13,000 out of pocket medical costs, and we are pregnant! Oh what fun it is to ride, the crazy infertility journey!

Gender Reveal / Military Homecoming | © Christina Z Photography

Just out of curiosity, how many of you would walk up, to what appears to be a cancer patient, and ask them, “why don’t you have hair yet?” I’m assuming, none of you. So my question to you is, why would you ask a couple, “why don’t you have children yet?” I hope you realize the question you ask, you may be asking to a couple who is now fighting the urge to cry while they answer your ridiculous question. And should this couple eventually reveal they may be suffering from infertility, please refrain yourself from making pointless statements. If I heard, “just relax it will happen” one more time, I think I would have voluntarily checked myself into a mental facility. No part of relaxation would have given my husband’s swimmers a boost. So please refrain from saying useless things. These past 2 years, I have listened to women complain about the most priceless gift. Nobody gives a hoot that you’re having morning sickness or that your unborn child is playing soccer, keeping you up all night. That’s pregnancy, and there are woman out there who would gladly take your place. They would pay $13,000 to throw up on the toilet all morning, and they would do it with a smile on their face. They would find the joy in the life experience you can’t seem to stop complaining about. And for those inquisitive minds who wondered how it was possible for me to get pregnant in October even though my husband deployed in July, your assumptions were right. I cheated on him, with a needle shoved up me, by a stranger called a doctor. Semper Fidelis!

– Ashleigh

Gender Reveal / Military Homecoming | © Christina Z Photography