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Now booking 2017 seniors

Now Booking 2017 Seniors for Fall

Now Booking 2017 Seniors

Can you believe that summer is over and school has already begun?? That means it’s time for 2017 seniors to get in front of my camera! What are you waiting for? Fall sessions book up SO FAST! Do not delay. If you are wanting the layers, warm colors, boots, scarves, pretty foliage (well as must as Florida can possibly have), you need to book now. The sun will start setting earlier as we get later into the year and weekend availability goes extremely fast. The cooler weather is perfect for photo sessions, especially since it will be just past rainy season. We don’t need to worry about frizz or melting!

2017 Seniors Book Now for Fall

Fall happens to be my favorite season for sessions, if you couldn’t tell! We are lucky because in Florida you can still wear shorts in the fall. And we can still use the beach in fall! Everything is better in fall! So if you are ready.. let’s chat!

now booking 2017 seniors for fall

Here are some of my favorites from last fall.. Enjoy!

now booking 2017 seniors for fall

now booking 2017 seniors for fall

xo Christina



Maria | 2014 St. Petersburg High School Senior Photo Session| Bradenton Florida Senior Photographer | © Christina Z Photography

Maria | St. Petersburg High School | Senior Portrait Photographer

2014 High School Senior Photos

Maria is a St. Petersburg High School Senior, who used to live in Palmetto, Florida and is originally from Colombia. She used to be involved in softball and rowing. Her hobbies include going to the gym everyday, staying in shape, going out with friends and spending time with her boyfriend (who also came along for support during her senior photo session).

Maria | 2014 St. Petersburg High School Senior Photo Session| Bradenton Florida Senior Photographer | © Christina Z Photography

St. Petersburg High School Senior Photographer | © Christina Z Photography, Bradenton, FL

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2014 High School Seniors | Christina Z Photography – Orlando, Florida

2014 High School Senior Photographer | Christina Z Photography

The school year is over, but it’s not too early to start thinking about your Senior year! And more importantly, your senior portraits! Let me capture who you are, the way you live, and the things you do, that way years from now you and your family have these memories. Continue reading

Christina Z Photography

Christina Z Photography is making some changes! | Orlando Senior Portrait Photographer

Since starting Christina Z Photography in 2011, I have not changed my prices at all. I’ve made minor adjustments and added some things but nothing major. It is about time for some change! What better time then in my new city, Orlando! Are you with me? I hope you’ll stick around. Trust me, it’s only to better serve you, the client. This is not simply a price increase, I’m working to offer better service and products! More importantly, I am going to focus on what I truly love and strive to be the best at! No more jack of all trades, master of none!

Christina Z Photography specializes in High School Seniors, Family, and Couples Photography.

Christina Z Photography

First, let me clear something up. All current sessions that have paid deposits will not change, this includes baby planners, children, events, weddings, etc. You will even get the old print pricing for up to a month after your gallery is posted. Going forward, beginning June 1st, the new pricing structure will be in effect. Also, I will still hold seasonal mini session events so make sure you keep an eye out for those. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email. Okay, on to the good stuff…

You know those photos that have the creamy, sunshine-y goodness in the background? It is referred to as the “golden hour”. Every photographers favorite hour to shoot in. Going forward, all sessions will be held during this time. Amazing, right?

ALL of the new packages include a print credit! I’m so excited about this! I love nothing more than walking around my home and seeing family photos, like artwork, all over my walls. I’m sure you will agree, nothing brightens your day more than seeing the smiles of those you love. Those smiles should be displayed all over your home. Most people take the digital images from their session and put them all over Facebook or they sit on the disc and never get printed. All my hard work just sits in a drawer, the money you spent goes wasted. Not anymore! I will help you choose the best photos to be displayed in your home. How fun, right? I hope you are as excited as I am. So what are you waiting for? Book your CZP Photography Experience today!

Orlando High School Senior Photography | Christina Z Photography

Until next time…

Christina Z Photography

Senior Portrait Photography | © Christina Z Photography

Alicia | 2013 Venice High School | Senior Portrait Photographer – Christina Z Photography

Meet Alicia! She is a 2013 Senior from Venice High School. I had such a fun time with this young lady. She mentioned she wanted to include her passion for reading in her senior portraits, so what do I do? Hop on Pinterest and start getting inspiration. I sent her some ideas and it was on! Here she comes walking up to Bayfront Park with piles of books! Most importantly she wanted to include a very special book that has been passed down for generations. How stinkin’ cool?  Continue reading